Rilke Rhymed

selected poems of Rainer Maria Rilke in rhymed translation by Leonard Cottrell

The poems are shown in tandem English/German format. Most are from Rilke's 1907 and 1908 "New Poems" series.

Bread and Wine


The Art of Falconry

Lady in a Mirror

Lady on a Balcony

RECENTLast Evening

Mohammed's Summoning


Pont du Carousel*

The Donor

The Gardens V. (Marble Gods)

The Last Judgment

The Lute

The Panther

The Stylite

The Temptation

God Speaks to Each*


New Additions (several still lack the German text)

The Alchemist

The Sybil

Song of the Women to the Poet


translations © 1995,1999,2001 Leonard Cottrell

*these two are earlier poems, not from the New Poems series.

Many of the translations first appeared in the Monadnock Review. Some have been revised since their first publication. Raymond Oliver, a linguist and expert in rhymed verse translation, provided generous help with many of them.

The New Poems series was published by Rilke in two volumes: Neue Gedichte 1907, and Der neuen Gedichte anderen Teil 1908.